Back to the heartland of european semiotics | Paris 2015

4 intensive days at the maison d’architecture, a converted monastery in paris, france, including 22 presentations, 3 keynotes, 3 panel discussions and a boot camp client event which involved 2 clients citroen and essilor…

Some highlights from Semiofest Mumbai 2018

4 intensive days in the Maison D’Architecture, a converted monastery in Paris, France, including 22 presentations, 3 Keynotes, 3 panel discussions and a Boot Camp client event which involved 2 clients Citroen and Essilor…

The conference kicked off with a training session from organisers Sam Grange and Luca Marchetti on the French structural semiotics approach as well as a focus on luxury. We had great presentations – everything from Wordless Books to rebranding an Indian TV channel, the phenomenon of the Uncanny in advertising and the semiotics of Emoji.

We enjoyed an excellent Keynote from Professor Theo Van Leeuwen, who developed the Social Semiotics methodology. The event ended with a Boot Camp, hot-housed workshops where teams of semioticians work together to address client business problems. The clients were Citroen looking into the future of the driverless car and Essilor, looking into the future of vision.


The feedback post event showed that participants found the event inspiring and practitioners found it replenished their batteries.

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